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What’s it like to be a member of a belly dance troupe? Part 3

By Electra


7. You will work hard. Showing up to practice is but one aspect of participating in a dance company like ours. You will find yourself practicing at home, listening to music in the car, and shimmying when no one's looking (lest you look like you have to go to the bathroom!). You will find yourself wearing more makeup at performances than you can ever imagine - and getting good at applying it. Or sewing things for your costumes, even if you detest sewing or are not good at it (never thought I'd be using a needle and thread myself as I personally keep a neighborhood seamstress in business!). Putting the extra time and effort in to become a valued member of the dance company is what makes a truism of this statement: you get out what you put in.

8. You will be a team player. Dancing isn't everything in the BDC. Everyone is assigned an administrative role behind the scenes or at a gig. These jobs are well-defined and Kanina and Inara are there for training, support and guidance in carrying out your responsibilities. Sharing the duties keeps everyone engaged, well-grounded and appreciative of each person's important part in making the dance company a success.

9. You will be a role model. We not only represent KaninaDance when we're out performing, but we are ambassadors of the art form of belly dance. Maintaining professionalism at all times is expected of each BDC member. Other students and dancers look to BDC members as role models. It's also our role to help coach Kanina's student dancers through a performance such as our annual show and to provide guidance from your experience.

10. You will channel your inner professional. Besides seeing your dancing improve, you will discover your performance character. Yes, you have one!! It may not come out right away, but you will form a dance personality - one that is all yours, and not just a mirror image of your teacher. This happens organically with experience, and the BDC is a wonderful and safe cocoon from which to see your inner professional emerge.

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