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Most students begin studying Middle Eastern Dance for fun and exercise — so wear something to class that makes you feel comfortable. While there is no dress code for class, stretchy yoga-type pants and a fitted tee or cami work best. If you wear a baggy tee and pants it’s difficult to see your back and knees…areas that often need correction for posture and alignment.


An inexpensive scarf or shawl tied around your hips will help to complement your movements…and it just makes dancing more fun. If you’d like something fancier, you may purchase a hip scarf online or at a local store.


All students will need a veil and finger cymbals at some point during their studies. Your teacher will advise you on where to purchase them.



One of the most frequently asked questions by women who are contemplating a Middle Eastern Dance class is about age. One of the beauties of this remarkable dance is that it is appropriate for women of all ages. If you were to attend an Arabic Hafli (party) you would see young girls dance alongside their grandmothers, each offering a lovely interpretation of the music.


Generally, the women attending my classes are between the ages of 20 and 65, but there have been exceptions. I recently held a class that 5 teenagers attended, and their exuberance was contagious. More often I see women in their 50’s and 60’s who are celebrating life by embracing dance classes.

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