What if I can’t make it to rehearsal for the dance company?

By Electra Life happens, we all get that. For me, it's mostly work that happens which interferes with my ability to attend both practice and dance class. The key is to not make it a continued habit, and to keep in communication with your dance company team. Knowing you will miss rehearsal means it's up to you to find out what you missed, and to make sure you are prepared for the next rehearsal. It's true that when you are not there, you are missed - particularly when working

Will I make a lot of money performing in the dance company?

By Electra Heck, yeah! Quit your day job now!! JK. We're not in it for the money, and some of our gigs are unpaid so we can get the experience or exposure for the Beledi Dance Company, or to give back to a worthy cause. I've personally seen BDC members make good money dancing at non-BDC gigs on their own, using their connections made to either get the gig or hone their performance resume further. As a BDC member, you instantly become a semi-professional and part of our loca