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Summer sizzle

1 class package

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Summer sizzle

6 class package

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Summer sizzle

12 class package

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Again once you have purchased your package please email with your class selection. Thank you for participating in our Summer Sizzle 2019!


Mondays, July 15 – August 26

Bayside School of Dance, East Providence RI

July 15 – Sensuous Veil

Instructor: Inara

More than a decorative prop, a well-executed veil dance adds magic, mystery and sensuality to your

performance. In Class 1, you will learn basic veil techniques to enhance the grace and elegance of your presentation. In class 2, you will learn combinations and tricks to build excitement as you perform.

6:00 pm Veil Handling & Technique

7:00 pm Veil Combinations and Tricks


July 22 – Creating Sinewy Arm & Hand Movement

Instructor: Inara

A polished performer uses hands and arms to frame movement and add drama to the dance. In Class 1, you will pair various arm positions with basic steps and drill them until they become fluid. In class 2 you will learn a short choreography that combines dance moves with both graceful and dramatic arms.

6:00 pm Basic arm/hand positions

7:00 pm Choreography


July 29 – Zills & Thrills

Instructor: Inara

Zills lend musicality to the dance and add zest and drama to your performance. In Class 1, you will

learn correct zill technique and drills to help you play zills while you dance. In class 2, we will match a variety of zill patterns to combinations and drill them until they are effortless.

6:00 pm Zill Basics & Drills

7:00 pm Zill Rhythms & Combinations


August 5 Hips Don’t Lie…The Art of the Drum Solo

Instructor: Inara

Drum Solo is more than a series of shimmies. It is the part of your performance when dancer and

drummer create a powerful drama that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. In Class 1, you will learn to pair hip movements to specific drum rhythms. In Class 2, you will learn vibrant and memorable combinations and a short choreography.

6:00 pm Drills & Technique

7:00 pm Drum Solo Combinations & Choreography


August 12 – Electrify Your Karshlimar!

Instructor: Kanina

Karshlimar or 9/8 rhythm is the super-energized climax of a Turkish-style show. In Class 1 you will

practice the 9/8 rhythm with zills and adapt basic steps to Karshlimar-style. In Class 2 you will learn an earthy 9/8 Roma-influenced choreography. (not required: bring a tambourine, if you have one)

6:00 pm Karshlimar Technique & Drills

7:00 pm Combinations & Choreography


August 19 – Fan Veil

Instructor: Cristina

Take a fan and add 3 yards of silk. What do you get? An amazing prop that twirls like a ribbon and

flutters like a butterfly. In Class 1 you will learn fan veil basics…how to hold, oscillate, snap open, close and twirl a fan veil. In Class 2 you will practice your new technique in a short, elegant choreography. ( sells inexpensive, good quality fan veils)

6:00 pm – Fan Veil Basics

7:00 pm – Fan Veil Choreography


August 26

Instructor - Inara


6:00 pm – Friends Day!  You and your friend attend this fun class free of charge!

7:00 pm – Reda Technique

The legendary Mahmoud Reda is one of the most influential names in Egyptian dance. Many of today’s most famous belly dancers began their studies with Mr. Reda, including Randa Kamal and Dina. While in Egypt in April, the dancers we studied with incorporated Reda technique into their warm-ups and choreography. In this class you will learn a variety of interesting Reda combinations.

1 Class for $20* / 6 Classes for $100* / 12 classes $175*

*Please select packages below.

Once purchased please email with your class selection for final confirmation.

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