...firm the body and sooth the soul to the beautiful, exotic music of the Middle East.

Belly dance classes offer a robust workout that firms the body and soothes the soul...and all to the beautiful, exotic music of the Middle East. Whether you are 10 or 110. Svelte as an athlete or round as a peach, the ancient art of belly dance is a fun and creative way to improve your posture, stamina, flexibility and coordination.


Missed classes

To ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from your enrollment, the missed-class/ make-up policy is very flexible.

If you miss your regularly scheduled class you may take a make-up class in any other class. Please note that a make-up class may not be added to the end of your paid session! However, as long as you are enrolled as a student, you may take a make-up class from a previous session. If you know in advance that you will be missing a class, you may take a make-up in advance of the missed class.

                                                                  Tuition is Non-Refundable but may be transferred.

Discounts for taking multiple classes and for Mother/Daughter in same class. 

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