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Which Class is Right for You?

Introductory Level: assumes no prior belly dancing background.


At this level you will be introduced to the basic footwork, isolations, shimmies, cymbal-playing and, of course, magical veil movements that are the hallmark of this remarkable dance. You will hear different types of Middle Eastern music (there are many!), and learn about its varying rhythms and instruments, and the musicians who play these beautiful songs.

All beginner belly dancing classes are designed to give students ample individual attention. Each class includes a warm-up, hands-on instruction in isolations and basic dance steps, an aerobic section where we “put it all together” and ends with a cool-down period. Throughout it all you will learn correct posture, alignment and grace while dancing, and most important…you’ll have fun!

You may repeat introductory sessions for as many times as you are comfortable, but it is most appropriate for newcomers and students who have had less than 24 lessons.


Level II. Beyond the Basics: assumes six-months of previous study.


At this level we review Introductory material and introduce ‘layering,’ that is, adding shimmies, undulations and more complex arm framing to steps that were previously learned. Zills (finger cymbals) are practiced in every class, and new material/technique is added which will expand your repertoire of movement.

Choreography and combinations that were taught at the Introductory Level are also reviewed but revised to include more advance movements.

In Level II you will begin making the dance your own. Exercises are introduced that will integrate your dance movements and guide you through the creation of your own improvisational belly dance. Here is where your personality shines through and you truly begin celebrating the joy and beauty of Middle Eastern Dance!

Level II, Beyond the Basics emphasizes proper posture and alignment while building the strength, flexibility and poise of the dancer.

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