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What’s it like to be a member of a belly dance troupe? Part 2

By Electra


3. You will grow thick skin. Our goal is to perform at our very best, so we spend time watching each other and working on our technique and "calling out" any details that need improvement. Any constructive feedback is provided either by Kanina, Inara or your fellow dancers as needed. We all agree being specific about what to change or fix is key, and are open to this method of improving ourselves as individuals and as a Company.

4. You will have fun. The culture of our dance company is such that we are ultra professional when preparing for and performing at a gig, and have our "professional faces" on while on premises. But it doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun, to laugh with each other, and enjoy our time together. We just know when to make the fun happen. Some of our most memorable times have been on overnight gigs, silly moments during practice, at other get-togethers we schedule like photo shoots and annual meetings (yes, wine is involved, ha ha!), and sometimes just the crazy things we say to each other before walking onstage (like "stomachs in, boobs out").

5. You will have disagreements. Let's face it, it's bound to happen. Someone doesn't come prepared to rehearsal and time is wasted showing her the steps. This person doesn't like that person. Someone complains too much. Another one said something that the other person takes too personally. These are all things that just happen to sister siblings and, fortunately, we can all get over it and communicate about it. Our semi-annual meetings are the forum for airing any issues that arise, and everyone is committed enough to the group dynamic not to let small issues fester into big ones.

6. You will lose your modesty. When you have three minutes to change in between performances, all modesty you think you have goes out the window. It's difficult to find many private places to change in the often makeshift dressing rooms we get at gigs, so you may as well get used to seeing your dance sisters in bras. Sorry to say, but - in a good way - it's not like any of us care what your body looks like, but we are all there to help you tuck some extra flesh into your choli, make sure your bra isn't showing, and your hip scarf is tied in the most flattering way. We want everyone to shine and be at their best!

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